You’ll want to ask a lot of questions about your house move. So will we.

You’d think most home relocations would be similar. But RBWW knows your move is different, because you’re different.


Our mission is to reduce stress and make your relocation as close to pleasurable as possible. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you like. The more we can help you understand the process, the greater your level of comfort.


It’s also why we ask lots of questions ourselves. The better we understand your needs, wants and concerns, the better we can address and meet them.


Q. Why use a removal broker instead of appointing your own removalist direct?

A. Our 18 years of experience moving households, families and employees all over the world has given us a great depth of knowledge. We know the excellent, the average and the ugly. We only use the excellent, for excellent results, saving you the strain of search and selection in unfamiliar territory.


Q. How much more does it cost using a broker?

A. The best removalists are so good because they concentrate on their strengths—care, speed, timing. They leave the rest to us, and price their offer through us so you don’t pay any extra, and they win quality business. As a result, you enjoy a much more rewarding experience, little or no stress and little or no extra cost.


Q. What happens if some of my possessions are damaged, go missing or are stolen?

A. Our record speaks clearly. Over more than 20 years, clients have lodged minimal claims for damaged or missing goods. The explanation? Our exhaustive evaluation and selection procedures for home relocation specialists.


Q. How much does a home move cost?

A. Every move is different. Costs will depend on the size and location of your household, the destination of your relocation, the timing and method of shipment, and many other factors. To gain a good understanding of likely costs, please complete the Request a Quote form, or call our service team on 1300 554 500.


Q. How do I know where my possessions are, especially with an overseas move?

A. When you choose RBWW, we assign you a single point of contact project manager who takes full responsibility for every detail of your relocation. They work with you to draw up your ideal moving plan, coordinate estimates, recommend the right removals specialist, and keep you informed of progress every step of the way.


Q. What about insurance and guarantees?

A. We recommend one of three removal specialist estimates to you. Our recommendation is based on


  •     our knowledge of the quality of their performance
  •     their suitability for you and your needs
  •     the accuracy and value of their quotation.


We listen to your needs about appropriate insurance and can arrange cover at very appropriate rates. Our service comes with a full 30 day money-back guarantee.


Contact us here to find out more about your stress-free move around the world or around the corner, or call our service team on 1300 554 500.

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